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The data release of CE-2 Global Digital Orthophoto Model (50m)

4 April 2018

On April 4, 2018, CE-2 global Digital Orthophoto Model (DOM) dataset with 50m resolution were released by Ground Research and Application System of China Lunar Exploration Program. The dataset is produced using images acquired by CCD stereo cameras onboard CE-2 spacecraft at 100 km orbit, which is divided into 188 map subdivisions. Each map subdivision data includes an image data file (tif), a coordinate file (tfw) and a projection file (prj) with the same name, the total data size is about 21GB and the total number of files is 564. The projection methods are as follows:

  • 84°N~ 90°N: North polar stereographic projection;
  • 14°N~ 84°N: Lambert projection;
  • 14°S~ 14°N: Mercator projection;
  • 14°S~ 84°S: Lambert projection;
  • 84°S~ 90°S: South polar stereographic projection.
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